Miles for Jo

Dewsbury Hospital – Jo was born at Dewsbury Hospital on 22nd June 1974

Heckmondwike Grammar – Jo grew up in Heckmondwike, attending Heckmondwike Grammar where she became head girl. 1 Mile/1.6km

Cambridge University – In 1992 Jo became the first member of her family to go to university, gaining a place at Pembroke College at Cambridge University to study Archaeology and Anthropology, but later transferred to Social and Political Sciences. Jo initially struggled to adapt to life at Cambridge and experienced loneliness during her early months of studying. In true Jo style, she overcame this difficult start and went on to achieve academic success and forge life-long friendships. 115 miles/250km

London – In 1995 Jo worked as a Parliamentary adviser to Joan Walley MP 64 Miles/103km

Brussels as an adviser to Glenys Kinnock MEP 230 miles/368km

Borneo – in 1996 for 3 months Jo worked as a member of Operation Raleigh to work on conservation projects. She also campaigned to establish a new code of conduct for arms sales while working for Glenys Kinnock. 7304miles/11754km

South Africa – In 2001 Jo joined a delegation SA to while working on international trade, She also became head of Oxfam’s European office in Brussels in 2001. She was instrumental in the Make Trade Fair campaign in 2002, which aimed to remove unfair trade tariffs that stopped developing countries trading with the EU 5716 miles/9200km

Oxford – Jo returned to England in 2005 still at Oxfam as head of Policy and Advocacy at the HQ in Oxford 295miles/475km While at Oxfam Jo played a key role in the Make Poverty History campaign and focused on humanitarian issues caused by conflicts, travelling to places such as Darfur. Oxford to Darfur 2982 miles/4800km and DR Congo 4038 miles/6500km

New York – In 2007 Jo moved to New York 3461 miles/5570km as Head of Humanitarian Campaigns. In 2008 she flew to Kabul 6736 miles/10840km while campaigning to protect civilians caught up in conflict. Also visiting places such as Gaza 5716 miles/9200km. Pakistan 6882 miles/11076km Chad 5666 miles/9119 km and Brazil 3977 mile/6400km. Jo played a key role in the publication of the report “For a Safer Tomorrow” advocating for the protection of civilians around the world.

While in the US, Jo also campaigned for Barack Obama’s presidential campaign in North Carolina 559 miles/900km

London – Jo returned to England and married Brendan in 2009 the year she also went on to become the director of the “Maternal Mortality Campaign”, working to ensure women are at the heart of the global economic recovery. She campaigned to educate, empower and protect girls and women the world over. She also spent some time working with Save the Children and the NSPCC 3461 miles/5570km

Batley & Spen – In 2015 Jo became MP for Batley & Spen, a return home. In her short-time in parliament, Jo made a huge impact and gained respect across the house. She campaigned passionately on a range of local, national and international issues, including education equality, improving support for children with autism, achieving a 50:50 parliament, tackling loneliness and protecting civilians in conflict, most notably, campaigning for the UK government to do more for people caught up in the war in Syria 186 mile/300km

She was a much-loved MP in her constituency of Batley and Spen.

Baby Jo
Jo at Heckmondwike Grammar
Graduation from Cambridge University
Representing Oxfam
Running the New York Marathon
JO & Brendan’s wedding day
Jo in parliament
Plaque to commemorate Jo in parliament designed by her children

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