Pledge your Miles for Jo here and tell us why you Run for Jo, you can see how many collective Miles for Jo we have covered here

Your Pledges

“Jo inspired me with her energy, compassion and kindness, and always will.”

“when she was our fab MP she wanted to join us at Oakwell parkrun, and never got chance. So I run it for her.”

“She was an inspiration on how to celebrate the things we have in common and how to learn about and accept the things we don’t”

“I want to raise awareness of her story & career. Remind folk of the positive work.”

“I remember the day she died, and the shock and the upset that this could happen in our community. I wish that I had met her. And she was a mum of two young children, just like me.”

“She was an inspiration”

“She cared about and contributed towards our community.”

“I want to make sure we remember all the good that is in the world and that life is better when we’re together”

“running brings people together cos sometimes it’s more than just a run.”

“I want to support the community”

“I support the cause she stood up for”

“I care about equality and Diversity”

“She inspired our community, she was a great woman who I feel honoured to have known, and we work hard each and every day to continue her legacy in Batley.”

“Its important to keep Jos memory alive”

“Her life was too short but she set such an amazing example with her life – I will run past her memorial garden by Hermitage Moorings”

“she was a reyt lovely lass ❤”

“She was a big part of our community, trying to unite one and all”

“She was a shining example of turning the need to change into positive action”

“I believe in what she stood for – the triumph of common humanity over the forces that divide us.”

“she stood for solidarity, for people, for communities, for all. An incredible person, and a tragic loss to the world.”

“What is more important than they message she shared #moreincommon”

“She was a true inspiration”

“We have more in common, than that which divides us…. and she was a brilliant woman that inspires us to hope for a better future”

“I believe we are stronger together”

“I want to keep her memory alive and her passion for running”

“I believe in her legacy and what she stood for”

“I am a Birstall girl, a Mother, a Sister and a Friend. Jo remains an inspiration to me in her fearless fight for what is right. Our unity is more important than ever, we may physically run apart this year but we run together in spirit for Jo.”

“I agree with her goals, and we need to pull together as a community. In remembrance of what she stood for”

“I want to all of us to remember her that she is as an MP sacrificed her life for all of us”

“I want some good to come from something terrible and to be part of a movement that brings people together.”

“To keep her memory and good work alive.”

“She set such a great example and we have to carry her legacy forward”

“I believe in her vision and want it continue in her memory”

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